TrashRecover automatically makes backups of your 'Trash' so that you can restore deleted files. TrashRecover is especially useful for laptops and any other Macs where setting up the 'TimeMachine' is not feasible or convenient. Since TrashRecover makes backups of your files before you delete them, it avoids having to use expensive and dangerous 'file-system-level' file recovery tools. If you've ever deleted a file and then changed your mind and wanted to have it back, TrashRecover is for you! Since TrashRecover works using state-of-the-art 'APFS file cloning' it is super fast and efficient and it can be configured to use as much or as little disk-space as you want, as well as exclude some files from backup automatically or manually.

System Requirements:

• macOS 10.14 'Mojave' or later

License & Cost:

TrashRecover is free of charge and supported by displaying information about our other products.

Contact & Support:

The product website is located here:

Technical support is unavailable for TrashRecover, as it is a free product.


0.) Download TrashRecover from its websote and once it has finished downloading start it from Launchpad or your Applications folder.

1.) All you need to have TrashRecover secure your Mac is to turn it on - which may neccissitate giving it 'Full Disk Access' in your System Prefereces. We also strongly recommend enabling the 'Launch at Login' feature to make sure that TrashRecover is actually automatically launched when tuning on your Mac

2.) The only thing needed to allow TrashRecover to work perfectly is to give it enough time to make backups. If you use keyboard shortcuts to move files to the Trash and empty the Trash immediately afterwards, TrashRecover might not have a chance to do a backup. Waiting one second after putting items to the Trash before emptying should be more than enough in almost all cases. If you don't use keyboard shortcuts there shouldn't be a problem anyway.

3.) Deleted something you want back? No problem! Just open TrashRecover, go to the 'Backups' tab and recover the lost file. You can also open the backup folder from the menu item and recover the files manually.

4.) IMPORTANT: you will not be able to recover any files you've deleted while TrashRecover was not running (or paused). Thats why we recommend to use the 'Launch at Login' feature and never to quit TrashRecover. Please also note that TrashRecover will only backup files from your main disk (boot volume). If you put any files from your additional or external disks to the Trash, those will not be backup'ed by TrashRecover.