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TableEdit-Lite 1.4.2

the free & open-source Mac spreadsheet

TableEdit-Lite is the free version of TableEdit - to support users that don't want to upgrade to TableEdit we are:
1.) making the old-but-free version 1.3 of TableEdit available for download below and
2.) publishing TableEdit-Lite, a free & open-source version of TableEdit with less features
Visit the F.A.Q. to learn more about why TableEdit is now available commercially and the differences to TableEdit-Lite.

System Requirements:

• macOS 10.10 'Yosemite' or later

License & Cost:

TableEdit-Lite is completely free of charge and the source code is licensed under the Open Source "MIT License"

Documentation & Support:

Technical support is available only from within TableEdit (in the "Help" menu).
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