TableEdit-Lite History:

1.4.2 (23 Jul 2018):

• Dramatically increased performance when opening spreadsheets with many rows

• Dramatically increased performance when importing large CSV files

• Increased compatibility and standard compliance of CSV-export

1.4.1 (24 May 2018):

• Check compatibility of spreadsheets before opening

• Fixed 'expiry' problem

1.4.0 (23 Apr 2018):

• Fixed calculation of SUM/MIN/MAX/PRODUCT which would not work in all cases

• Fixed dragging of the selection knobs to modify the selection

• Added keyboard shortcuts for all supported functions like SUM

• Function keys like 'Page Up/Down', 'Home' and 'End' now work correctly

• Fix re-ordering columns with multi-character column names via drag&drop

• Fixed automatic update check

1.3.5 (03 Apr 2018):

• This is the first version of TableEdit-Lite, the free version of TableEdit