TableEdit History:

1.4.8 (Sep 2022):

• Resolved compatibility problem with macOS 13 'Ventura'

• Fixed problem related to formulae where TableEdit could freeze

1.4.7 (25 Feb 2021):

• TableEdit is now free and supported by showing our other apps

• Improved import of Dates from Excel .xslx files

• Improvements for CSV import

1.4.6 (25 Jan 2020):

• Fixed problem with Excel import and export

• Added 'notarization' for improved security and easier launching on macOS 10.15

1.4.5 (04 Dec 2019):

• Fix issue with TableEdit randomly freezing on macOS 10.14 and macOS 10.15

• Fix issue with updating of formulae when sorting the table

• Improved import of Excel .XLS and XLSX files

• Improved parsing of Excel functions / formulae

• Implemented DATEVALUE function

• Fixed problem where dates without slashes could still be interpreted as American format

1.4.3 (22 Oct 2019):

• IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.13

• Add support for 'Dark Mode' on macOS 10.14 'Mojave'

• Add new keyboard shortcuts Command-Arrow to jump the selection to the edges

• Fixed problems with importing CSV some files that contain single quotes

• Fixed problems where sorting descending or single columns would not work correctly

• Fixed problems where sorting would not properly update formulae cell references

• Fixed problems where sorting would not sort according to formula results

1.4.2 (17 Oct 2018):

• Fix issue with 'floating header row' being transparent on macOS 'Mojave' 10.14

• Fix problems with entering text in multi-byte languages like Arabic, Chinese and many more

1.4.1 (09 Jul 2018):

• Redesigned preferences window with more explanations

• Allow configurability of wrapping mode for multi-line cell text

• Added default row-color settings to preferences window

• Dramatically increased performance when opening spreadsheets with many rows

• Dramatically increased performance when importing large CSV files

• Increased compatibility and standard compliance of CSV-export

1.4.0 (23 Apr 2018):

• Add option to make first row a 'floating header row' that stays visible when scrolling

• Add option to change row height including support for multi-line cell contents

• Function keys like 'Page Up/Down', 'Home' and 'End' now work correctly

• Fix re-ordering columns with multi-character column names via drag&drop

• Fixed chart positioning on macOS 10.13 and 10.12 which was broken since version 1.3.0

• Fixed automatic update check

1.3.5 (03 Apr 2018):

• IMPORTANT: TableEdit now costs 9.99$ so that we can continue developing it

• IMPORTANT: 'TableEdit-Lite' continues to be free and is available here

• Added option to use 'Python' scripts to calculate cell contents, see FAQ

• Pressing 'F9' now "re-calculates" the whole table and all formulae, just like Excel

• Add option to export the whole spreadsheet to a PDF

• Add FAQ entries on how to export to PDF, on how to change column widths and on moving rows up or down

• Fixed parenthesis getting dropped from forumlae when pasting them to other cells

• Fixed parenthesis getting dropped from forumlae when adding, removing or moving rows or columns

1.3.0 (01 Feb 2018):

• IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.10

• Fixed possible crashes on macOS 10.10

• Added 'Formatted Copy' option to copy formatted values with calculated formula results

• Exported documents now default to the document name instead of 'Untitled'

• The 'fill-down' feature can now be used to get column names into the first row

• The 'fill-right' feature can now be used to get row numbers into the first column

• Fixed plus row/colmns button not adding rows when clicked

• Fixed problems related to the 'Crash Reporter'

• Fixed problems related to the 'Functions Reference'

• Fixed problems where cell-borders could be mistakenly added

• Fixed main cell editor to show both rows for longer text

• Fixed selection-knobs being incorrectly postitioned after column resize

• Disallow removing all rows within a document as this can cause problems

• Clarified naming of cell-border options to match what they are doing

1.2.9 (24 Jul 2017):

• Fixed crash when setting backgroundcolor after closing documents

• Fixed problems when restoring the upgrade to 'Pro' in the MacAppStore version

• Fixed update-check interval selection in the Homepage version

1.2.8 (4 Jun 2017):

• Fix for expired excel import/export support

1.2.7 (21 May 2017):

• Increased stability when typing formulae with multi-argument functions

• Implement option to sort a column without affecting other columns

• Improved implementation of VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions

• Fixed possible problem with in-app purchases

1.2.6 (11 May 2017):

• Fix crashes when disabling or modifying toolbar

• Improved stability on Mac OS X versions 10.9 & 10.10

• Improved implementations of the DAYS, LEFT & RIGHT functions

• Improved compatibility with Excel XLS files

1.2.5 (20 Feb 2017):

• 'Merge cells' feature now allows for text to spawn multiple columns

• Enable sorting of columns by right-clicking on their headers

• Sorting by a column now always places empty rows at the bottom

• Fix possible crashes with the COLUMN and ROW functions

• Improve the ISNUMBER function

• Fix display problem after resizing in fullscreen-mode

• Improved debug information in case of problems

1.2.3 (21 Dec 2016):

• Print settings like margins and pagination are saved now

• Added option to fill the selected cells with incrementing numbers

• Fixed problem where applying styles to a cell could also alter other cells

1.2.2 (5 Dec 2016):

• Fixed inability to purchase upgrade to 'Pro' in the MacAppStore version

• Fixed problem where the toolbar settings would not be saved

• Disabled removing the last row or column which can lead to problems

• Improved debug information in case of problems

1.2.1 (25 Nov 2016):

• Implemented excel-compatible 'Fill Down/Right/etc' functions

• Fixed crashes when removing rows/columns containing formulae

• Fixed crash related to deselecting a cell with cmd-click

• Fixed crash on setting font color to grayscale color

• Fixed problems adding or moving rows/columns while editing a cell

• Make sure exceptions cause an alert and won't freeze the app

• Improved debug information in case of problems

1.2.0 (17 Nov 2016):

• IMPORTANT: Advanced charts&formulae are now an in-app purchase to fund development

• IMPORTANT: rewritten support for charts with many bug-fixes & improvements including:

– Support for 'scatter plots'

– Charts can have configurable titles now

– Charts can now be printed

– Implemented many more configuration options

– Fixed X-axis labelling of line-charts to be visible

– Fixed stability and visual problems related to charts

• Added options to insert current date/time into the current cell

• Improved printing support by adding user-definable margins and positioning

• Improved launch performance

• Fixed problem using undo while still editing a cell

• Fixed calculation of formulae containing references to empty cells

• Fixed tab-separated value file import that was broken since version 1.1

• Fixed possible data-loss when quitting while editing a cell

• Fixed paste going to top-left cell when nothing is selected

1.1.0 (14 Sep 2016):

• IMPORTANT: Properly offset all formulas when moving/inserting/deleting columns/rows

• Add option to display a number (representing e.g. seconds) as a formatted time

• Automatically support both ';' and ',' separators in formulae

• 'F4' will convert the formula cell-reference type of selected cells between absolute&relative.

• Add 'Tutorial Videos' showing e.g. how to insert formulae in TableEdit

• Add 'Padding cells' import setting from Import-panel also to the preferences

• Improve display of path of files in recent document list

• Two double quotes in formulae behave like in Excel now

• Show '-' instead of '+' buttons when holding 'alt' to indicate functionality

• Allow direct import of tab-separated value files TXT extension for Excel-compatibility

• Allow exporting tab-separated value files with TSV, TAB and TXT extensions

• Allow exporting XLSX-files with .XLSM extension

• Fix bugs preventing offsetting of formulae when copy & pasting them

• Fix crash related to the 'Revert' feature

• Fix crash with some invalid formulae

• Fix mislabeling of columns after deleting column(s)

• Fix cut/copy/paste menu-items not looking enabled

• Fix possible problem when entering incorrect cell ranges

• Fix menu-button on graphs being broken since v1.0.4

• Fix problem with plus row/column buttons under macOS 10.12 'Sierra'

• Fix problem with charts under macOS 10.12 'Sierra'

• Fix problem selecting delimiter for CSV-export

• Fix problem when importing tab-separated value files with empty cells

• Fix plus-column button overlapping with last column resize area

1.0.5 (7 Jun 2016):

• Fix crash when opening the function-popup

1.0.4 (3 Jun 2016):

• Implemented Cut (Command-X) for cells


• Improved performance

• Fixed possible crashes with functions dividing by zero

• Fixed dragging of selection knobs not working since beta35

• Fixed COUNT function

• Fixed problem with Dates (also related to functions)

1.0.3 (6 May 2016):

• Fix alternate function-spellings (AVG / AVERAGE) stopping to work

• Enable moving cursor inside a cell with arrow-keys

1.0.2 (5 May 2016):

• IMPORTANT: fixed import &t; export options not appearing

• Implemented references to empty cells in formulae

1.0.1 (1 May 2016):

• Improved stability, performance and memory-usage

• Improved excel-import and formula support


• Fixed memory leaks on documents with formulae

1.0 (19 Apr 2016):

• First stable release

• Implemented SUMPRODUCT function

• Improved formula support (array arguments, reliability)

• Improved excel-import

• Fixed problem with functions-reference opening browser windows

• Fixed possible misplacement of welcome-window

• Fixed option to choose update interval not showing

1.0 beta 35 (15 Apr 2016):

• LAST BETA VERSION: please test thoroughly and send feedback


– Line charts!

– Added different coloring options to charts

– Fixed charts positioning and scrolling with table

– Fixed crash related to 'reverting' and charts

– Saved charts should now appear after opening a document

• Removed 'beta' warnigns in preparation of 1.0 release

• Extended ReadMe and documented non-obvious features

• Implemented DOLLAR function

1.0 beta 32 (25 Mar 2016):

• Many fixes for functions and formulae

• Implemented 'union ranges' in formulae

• Various fixes for excel import

• Fixed issues related to copy and paste

• Fixed CSV export not to add empty rows/cols

1.0 beta 31 (29 Jan 2016):

• Added automatic delimiter option to CSV import dialogue

• Added keyboard shortcuts for most options

• Added options to define decimal mark recognizing numbers

• Text too long to fit a cell is truncated with ellipsis again

• Auto-updates should work again

• Improved performance when auto-sizing many columns at once

• Fixed memory leak

• Fixed problem where imported files would not be saved

• Fixed menu item for text alignment

• Implemented 'percent' formatting for numbers

• Implemented 'custom' formatting for numbers

• Automatically auto-size all columns after XLS/CVS-import

• Allow import of multiple cells via drag&drop

1.0 beta 30 (2 Dec 2015):


– formula support has been completely re-implemented

– more than 100 excel compatible functions implemented

– operators like '=A1+B1' work now in addition to functions

– a new 'functions' popup for inserting functions

– a new 'functions reference' window with function documentation

– excel files are now imported with formulae instead of results

• Cell contents no longer disappear when formatting fails

• Increase table size on demand when pasting data

• Make 'tab' go to next row when at end of row

• Always scroll to selected tabs

• Allow changing scale for printing with 'page setup'

• Fixed crash when 'reverting changes'

• Fixed issue with numbers with 'thousands sepator'

• Fixed issue with numbers being rounded to integer

• Fixed issue importing some excel files

• Keep main editor in sync when editing cells

1.0 beta 20 (19 Oct 2015):

• Added support for 'Undo' and 'Redo'

• Fixed most known bugs that are not related to 'Graphs' or 'Functions'

• Enabled better error reporting while the app is in beta

• Added preliminary support for 'merging cells'

• Temporarily removed too-slow support for truncating long cells

1.0 beta 13 (19 Aug 2015):

• Prevent importing white font color which would not be seen

1.0 beta 12 (15 Jun 2015):

• Improved application icon and toolbar icons

1.0 beta 11 (13 Apr 2015):

• Added proper import of dates, fonts & colors from excel .xls files

• Fixed problem with crash on launch when restoring document with invalid function

• Fixed problem with function results not being updated

• Fixed problem with bar chart options not showing up

• Fixed problem with autosizing of columns

• Fixed row sorting now to sort all uppercase cells first

• Import 'tsv' and 'tab' files with tab-separator by default

• Added smart guess whether to import 'csv' files with ',' or ';' separator

1.0 beta 10 (12 Feb 2015):

• Cell selection can now be adjusted with the mouse by dragging the corner-knobs

• Display truncated long text in cells with '…' to avoid confusion

• Display tooltips for cells with truncated long text

• Fixed crash related to editing graphs or having multiple documents open

• Prevented possibility to create crashing recursive functions with drag&drop

• Made welcome window not show an 'recent documents' list if its empty

• Relocate beta badge to avoid artifacts

• Fixed possible hang on restoring documents introduced in b9

• Fixed problem when entering invalid data in table resize field

• Fixed issue with column labels being cropped

• Fixed issue with welcome window only being shown once

• Fixed option to create cell borders when setting border color/width

1.0 beta 9 (28 Jan 2015):

• Added option to export charts to PDF

• Added explanation when trying to click function buttons instead of dragging

• Added menu button to charts as a more obvious way to edit/delete them

• Added option to select 'sheet' to import when importing XLS files

• Added option to scale/magnify the display whole table

• Added option to sort only some rows of the table

• Added option to automatically close the color panel with the popovers

• Added option to create cell borders when setting border color/width

• Added option to 'pad' imported CSV/XLS files with empty columns/rows

• Added option to drag&drop a chart of selected cells onto the table

• Fixed problem related to entering functions

• Fixed behavior of 'enter/return' to match 'Numbers': go to cell below

• Fixed problem related to popup placement

• Fixed problem adding multiple rows with dragging the plus-row button

• Fixed charts not appearing after loading a saved document with standard size

• Fixed problem with the 'move row' command

• Fixed for holding 'shift' while pressing arrow keys to extend selection

• Fixed import options to be persistently saved

• Fixed welcome-window to be movable

1.0 beta 8 (24 Jan 2015):

• Added smart popup window placement to avoid obscuring current cell

• Added 'close all popups' menu item

• Added contextual menu t to allow sorting a column to the column headers

• Added menu items to allow sorting a column

• Added close buttons to all popup windows

• Added preference option to always close popup-windows

• Properly add intermediate rows/columns to selection when holding down 'shift'

• Fixed issue when resizing the table with the sliders was limited in max values

• Fixed issue with column labels with more than 99999 rows

• Fixed performance problems in large tables introduced in beta 3

• Fixed artifact after dragging a function to the table but canceling

• Fixed drawing artifacts of cell borders at the top of the table

• Fixed problem where clicking outside the table would not cause deselection

1.0 beta 7 (16 Oct 2014):

• Fixed various problems and crashes related to functions

1.0 beta 6 (15 Oct 2014):

• Implemented alternating row colors on a per-table and global-default basis

• Implemented proper behavior when pressing "tab"

• Fixed problem where graph positions would not be properly restored

• Fixed problem where cell editing would not start for uppercase characters

• Fixed problem with horizontal and vertical border commands being mixed-up

• Clicking the table symbol at the upper left corner now now selects the whole table

1.0 beta 5 (15 Aug 2014):

• Added rudimentary charts & graphs

• Added ability for functions to take output of other functions as input

• Fixed problem with visual distortion after drag&drop

1.0 beta 4 (23 Jul 2014):

• Added recent documents to welcome screen

• Added menu items to control cell background/border and data format

• Added visual annotation to the drag&drop insertion point

• Added option to resize the table by dragging the "plus" buttons

• Fixed problem with column widths changed by adding/removing columns

• Fixed problem where numbers used in functions would be rounded

• Fixed problem where cells with functions could not be formatted

• Fixed 'select all' option to select the whole table

• Fixed crashes related to drag&drop

1.0 beta 3 (25 Jun 2014):

• Added option to set cell border styles

• Added keyboard shortcuts to set font styles

• Added optional welcome screen

• Fixed problems with copy & paste

• Show dependencies of cells with functions on selection

• Show function cells and dependent cells when pressing 'option'

• Enabled automatic updates to future versions

• Fixed problem where app would not run due to 'GateKeeper'

• Fixed problems with Excel import

• Improved stability

1.0 beta 2 (19 Jun 2014):

• Added simple Excel import and export

• Fixed various problems with editing cells

• Keep main editor and cell contents in sync

• Allow moving around the table with the arrow keys even when editing

• Added menu item and shortcut for editing the current cell in the main editor

• Implemented support for nested functions e.g. '=SUM(PROD(A1:A10),B2)'

• Performance improvements for functions

• Implemented the following functions: "SUM" / "ADD", "AVERAGE" / "AVG", "MEDIAN", "MIN", "MAX", "PROD" / "MULTIPLY", "ABS", "ACOS", "ACOSH", "ASIN", "ASINH", "ATAN", "ATANH", "COS", "COSH", "COSH", "DEGREES", "RADIANS", "ERFC", "RAND", "RANDBETWEEN", "EXP", "GAMMALN", "LN", "LOG", "MOD", "POWER" / "POW", "QUOTIENT" / "DIVIDE", "SIN", "SINH", "SQRT", "TAN", "TANH", "OR", "AND", "SIGN", "TRUE", "FALSE", "PI", "EQ", "GT", "GTE", "LT", "LTE", "MINUS", "NEQ", "UMINUS", "UPLUS", "COUNT", "CONCATENATE", "EXACT", "LEN", "LOWER", "PROPER", "UPPER"

1.0 beta 1 (14 Jun 2014):

• Initial public beta release