SMARTReporter eSellerate Purchase Option:

You can purchase SMARTReporter 3 on eSellerate as an alternative to the MacAppStore.
Please be aware of the following points before purchasing:

• WARNING: The eSellerate purchase option comes without support for installing/updating/reinstalling. If you are not completely familiar with administering your Mac, please buy on the MacAppStore instead.
• AUDIENCE: The eSellerate purchase option is aimed at corporations or consultants where the MacAppStore is not an option due to volume licensing restrictions, but is available for anyone who does not want to purchase on the MacAppStore, even for personal single-seat installations.
• ACTIVATION: The SMARTReporter eSellerate version needs to be activated with your serial-number with an active internet connection, once after purchase.
• MULTIPLE MACS: If you buy on the MacAppStore, you can install your version on multiple Macs. If you buy on eSellerate you need to buy a license for every Mac you want SMARTReporter to run on simultaneously (or buy an unlimited license).
• SWITCHING MACS: If you don't have an unlimited version you'll need to "deactivate" your copy if you intend to move to a new Mac because you can't activate it on more Macs than you have purchased copies for. To do so select "Deactivate" from SMARTReporter's menu in the Dock or Menubar.
• UNLIMITED LICENSES: There are specific un-limited licenses for consultants and corporations available that allow an unlimited number of activations, but consultants and corporations can also just buy the normal version with as many seats as they need.
• CONSULTANTS LICENSE: The un-limited license for consultants can only be legally purchased by consultants.
• AUTOMATIC UPDATES: While the version bought on the MacAppStore is automatically updated through the MacAppStore, the version bought on eSellerate has automatic updates through "Sparkle", like the old 2.x version. You can control the interval or turn off the automatic update check through SMARTReporter's menu in the Dock or Menubar.
• CORPORATE ROLLOUT: We'd be happy to help you roll out SMARTReporter in your corporation. Read the guide for deployment in organizations here, and if there are any unanswered questions or problems just contact us.

If you have read all of the above, you can continue to the eSellerate purchase process:

Purchase SMARTReporter Volume icon

If you need to re-download the latest SMARTReporter eSellerate Version, you can do so here:

Download SMARTReporter Volume icon