MusicMaster History:

1.3.5 (31 Aug 2023):

• Added full native support for "Apple Silicon" M1/M2/Mx (ARM) chips

• Added a "Dry Test Run" option to the "Filename Changer" tool

• Added support for changing the "Sort" tags

• Bug fixes for the 'Filename Changer' tool

1.3.3 (10 Nov 2021):

• Increased stability for the Capitalization and Seach/Replace tools

• Increased stability when operating directly on music files

1.3.2 (10 Feb 2021):

• Increased stability

1.3.1 (15 Jan 2021):

• Increased stability

1.3.0 (15 Oct 2019):

• IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.15

• Added full support for using MusicMaster on macOS 'Catalina' 10.15

• MusicMaster is now free of charge

1.2.10 (24 Jun 2019):

• MusicMaster now saves and restores the selected tab

• Add support for the 'Grouping' tag

• Fixed bug related to 'Size Estimation' and 'Encoding Conversion' tools

1.2.9 (25 Nov 2018):

• Fix issue where MusicMaster would 'expire'

1.2.8 (27 Oct 2018):

• IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.14

• Added support for displaying in 'Dark Mode' macOS 10.14 'Mojave'

• Fixed support for using MusicMaster on macOS 10.14 'Mojave'

• Fixed possible crash when performing the tag encoding conversion

1.2.7 (12 Apr 2018):

• Fixes for renaming files when only the case is changed

1.2.6 (14 Mar 2018):

• Fixes for the 'EmbeddedCover' tag which would not work on more than a few thousand files

1.2.5 (04 Dec 2017):

• Fixes for renaming files when target file exists

• The selected playlist is now saved and restored

• The selected action playlist (Playlist Tool) is now saved and restored

• Added Partial translation to 32 languages

• Add new 'set tag to' preset for Search&Replace tool and FAQ entry

1.2.0 (17 Oct 2017):

• Save settings between launches

• Added options to replace slashes and colons in filename-changer

• Fix problem where filenames could not be changed if the tag contains a slash

• Added options to insert composer or album-artist for filename-changer

• Miscellaneous bug fixes

1.1.13 (04 May 2017):

• Improved stability

• Fix problem where operating on a Folder would fail to do anything

1.1.12 (19 Apr 2017):

• Added "Description" and "Episode ID" to the list of editable textual tags

• Added "Episode Number" to the list of editable numerical tags

• Fix problem with broken track removal

1.1.11 (12 Apr 2017):

• Add tool that can remove track ratings that were automatically calculated by iTunes (black instead of blue stars)

• Fix bug in 'Data Mover' tool where pre- or appending tags with empty delimiter would insert '(null)'

• Fix bug in 'Playlist Info Export' and 'Broken Tracks' tool where they could operate on wrong tracks

• Fix documented system requirements, 10.10 is required since v1.1.9

1.1.10 (3 Mar 2017):

• Added support for new tags: 'work', 'movement', 'movement number' and 'total movements' for iTunes 12.5

1.1.9 (21 Jan 2017):

• Fix 'Data Mover' tool which had various bugs

1.1.8 (16 Dec 2015):

• Fix 'Playlist Manager' tool which failed to apply changes

• Fixed change count which would be displayed as '0'

1.1.7 (27 Apr 2015):

• Prevent 'do not touch iTunes' error from appearing

• Fixed 'fix broken tracks' tool which was not working since v1.1.5

• Fixed operation on a folder of titles instead of a iTunes playlist

1.1.6 (16 Mar 2015):

• Added option to process all selected tracks instead of whole playlist

• Fixed 'Proper English Title Caps' capitalization to work better

• Add hidden options to configure 'Proper English Title Caps' capitalization:
defaults write com.corecode.MusicMaster WordsToLowercaseInTitlecase -string "a an on"
defaults write com.corecode.MusicMaster WordsToUppercaseInTitlecase -string "CD OK"

1.1.5 (7 Jan 2015):

• IMPORTANT: fixed broken tags when iTunes is altered during processing

• Fixed broken tracks from showing up as processable

• Fixed crashes with the "Tag Data Mover" tool

• Fixed help display through menu items

• Added keyboard shortcuts for selecting tools

• Added new tags "Disc Number" and "Disc Count"

• Added line count comparison to playlist manager

1.1.2 (11 Sep 2014):

• Fixed crashes with the "Filename" tool

1.1.1 (27 Aug 2014):

• Bug fixes for the "Tag Search & Replace" tool

• Added 'Track Number' and 'Total Tracks' tags

1.1.0 (18 Oct 2013):

• Added new "Broken Track Fixer" tool

• Added new "Converted Size Estimation" tool

• Added new "Playlist Export" tool

• Bug fixes for the "Tag Search & Replace" tool

• The playlist manager can now select tracks with embedded cover art

• Improved progress display

• Warn user about renaming files within the "iTunes Music" folder

• "Filename Changer" insists on iTunes running to prevent broken tracks

• Fixed "Playlist Manager" tool not to add duplicate tracks to playlists

• Fixed file based tools to pick up tracks with uppercase file extension

1.0.2 (22 Aug 2013):

• Fixed the "Numeric Tag Changer" tool

1.0.1 (1 Aug 2013):

• Added new tags and new conditions to the "Playlist Manager"

• Added new tags to the "Tag Data Mover"

• Added optional delimiter for appending/prepending tags

• Added option to (de)select multiple tracks for applying changes

• Improvements in the playlist tool for comparing empty strings

• Fixed layout problems

• Fixed "Proper English Title Caps" capitalization tool

1.0 (27 Apr 2013):

• Initial release