MacUpdater corporate/enterprise/educational facilities:

MacUpdater is great for personal uses on your home Mac, but it could be even more useful for corporate or educational facilities where a large number of Macs need to be managed and kept current. We are currently in the process of collecting information about requirements and possible improvements for these use-cases and implementing the first new features aimed at managing multiple Macs at once.

Current facilities:

MacUpdater version 1.5.3 ships with a 'command-line utility' called 'macupdater_client' that can be used to query and control an existing installation of MacUpdater from the command-line, which lends itself to automated or remote administration. 'macupdater_client' works like a 'remote control' for MacUpdater and has the following features:

'macupdater_client' options:
List Installed Apps: you can list all installed or just outdated apps, including version information. This will print the information that MacUpdater has collected during its last scan.
Scan: this option causes MacUpdater to perform a full scan of all installed apps. This is identical to clicking the 'Start Full Scan' option in MacUpdater itself.
Update: you can tell MacUpdater to update outdated apps. you can also tell MacUpdater to update all apps by omitting the path for the app to be updated, but this is completely unsupported and definitely not recommended.

'macupdater_client' is installed inside MacUpdater's app bundle, so if you have installed MacUpdater in its default location in the /Applications/ folder you should be able to launch it from the Terminal using: /Applications/

Please note: the 'macupdater_client' is provided as a preview of functionality of MacUpdater 2.0 and should be considered 'beta' quality. It is provided for testing purposes only at this point. The final production version of 'macupdater_client' in MacUpdater 2.0 will require the purchase of a supporting license.

Upcoming facilities:

In addition to the current facilities we are planning these options and features that should be helpful in a corporate or educational setting:
Standalone CLI tool: A standalone command-line tool that can be used without existing installation of MacUpdater and can perform tasks like scanning or updating apps by itself instead of by remote-controlling the GUI version of MacUpdater
Automated Updates: an option to let MacUpdater automatically keep apps up-to-date should help with administering a large number of Macs
Time-of-day Scanning: MacUpdater 2.0 will ship with an option to scan at a specific time-of-day which could help support your specific workflow

Volume Licensing:

MacUpdater can be purchased directly and conveniently in the app itself. This also allows you to buy more than once license during the purchase process. Each license if valid for one physical personal and can be used on up to five Macs belonging to this person.
If dealing with multiple licenses is too complicated or inconvenient for you, we can also sell you a single license code that can be used for as many persons as you wish. Licensing based on the number of Macs is also available as an alternative. Just send us an e-mail with your requirements and we will work something out for you.
Please note: 'macupdater_client' and other enterprise facilities mentioned above are currently in beta testing and are not covered for production-use by any license of MacUpdater 1.x. They will be included in MacUpdater 2.0 based on your license type.

What do you think?

Please let us know if the current and upcoming facilities are just what exactly what you need or whether we should adjust or extend our roadmap to support your use-case. We'd very much like to hear how you are using MacUpdater and how we could make MacUpdater work perfectly in your setting.