MacUpdater Catalina Information

MacUpdater itself works perfectly on macOS 'Catalina' 10.15. However, the framework 'Paddle' that we use to enable purchases of MacUpdater does have some problems.

(Note that this problem affects many many Mac apps).

Specifically, a bug in 'Paddle' may cause MacUpdater to 'forget' its license-information if you upgrade to 'Catalina'.

Therefore, please make sure that you know your license-code if you plan to upgrade to 'Catalina' soon.

There is no need to buy MacUpdater again, but you can use this procedure to 'activate' MacUpdater again:

1.) After launching MacUpdater click on "Buy MacUpdater"

2.) Then click on "Activate License" and enter your existing license-code

If you have problems with any specific step, don't know your activation-code anymore, or are running into the concurrent-activation-limit, please contact as they are responsible for everything related to the purchase and activation of MacUpdater.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and will update MacUpdater as soon as Paddle makes a fixed version of their framework available that doesn't necessitate this.