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TableEdit-Lite is the free & open-source version of TableEdit with less features.

More Info: TableEdit-Lite Homepage
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MailboxAlert is an application that regularly checks whether your email accounts are filled up to their storage limit, which prevents you from receiving mails.

More Info: MailboxAlert Homepage
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FinderGit is a 'Finder extension' to view the Git source control status of your files and directories via 'badges' right in the Finder.

More Info: FinderGit GitHub Page Alternatives: GitFinder, SnailGit
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filter- & sort-able database of all cars on-sale CarDB is a full-featured database containing cars currently on sale and allows you to make conscious buying decisions with its filtering and sorting abilities. The CarDB app is the companion application to the website.

More Info: FinderGit GitHub Page
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MovieDB is an application that lets you easily manage your digital movie collection. By focusing exclusively on digital movies they can be added comfortably by using drag&drop. Information about the file is automatically extracted, information about the movie is automatically fetched over the internet. MovieDB supports DVDs, (S)VCDs and nearly all common video files like AVIs or MOVs. MovieDB can easily search for your movies or sort and filter them.

More Info: MovieDB GitHub Page
SandboxChecker icon


SandboxChecker displays icon badges for all apps in your Application folder: GREEN: sandboxed YELLOW: not-sandboxed-but-signed RED: unsigned

Download: SandboxChecker Binary & Source Code (Intel, 10.11+) [590 KB]
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An application for developers that allows to quickly try out pieces of source code (C/ObjC/C++/ObjC++).

More Info: InstaCode Homepage
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An application for discovering new and old music of your favorite artists. It scans your music collection and extracts information about the albums you own. You can then discover other albums by those artists and get informed about new releases by those artists automatically. MusicWatch works like a RSS reader, with the artists being the "feeds" and the albums being the "articles".

Download: MusicWatch Binary & Source Code (Intel, 10.6+) [5.4 MB]
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An application displayed in the global menu-bar that allows you to mount and also unmount your disks.

Download: MountMenu Binary & Source Code (Intel 64-Bit, 10.6+) [600 KB]
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An application for getting detailed textual info about the audio/video/subtitle tracks in any movie like MKV/MP4/etc.

Download: MovieInfo Binary & Source Code (Intel 64-Bit, 10.7+) [15.5 MB]
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An application for renaming all files in a directory based on new filenames stored in a text file.

Download: FilenameList Binary & Source Code (Intel 64-Bit, 10.7+) [227 KB]
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CoreLib is a reusable Objective-C library to make developing Mac and iOS applications easier.

GitHub: CoreLib Source Code
QTPresenter icon


An application that tells "QuickTime Player" to present a movie on the second monitor while it displays playback progress on the first monitor.

Download: QTPresenter Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.5+) [86 KB]
SecondRow icon


An application that redirects the "Front Row" presentation mode to your second display (e.g.: big TV).

Download: SecondRow Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.5+) [92 KB]
WindowMover icon


An application that moves the frontmost window to the mouse cursor position when a hotkey is pressed.

Download: WindowMover Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.5+) [143 KB]
MenuSwitch icon


An application for switching between running applications - like the "Dock", but located in the menubar.

Download: MenuSwitch Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [75 KB]
TerraCore icon


An application for realtime generation and visualization of fractal terrain.

Download: TerraCore Binary (Intel, NVIDIA GPU, 10.5+) [11.8 MB]
CoreLS icon


An application for realtime generation and visualization of 3D L-Systems.

Download: CoreLS Binary (Intel, NVIDIA or ATI GPU, 10.5+) [445 KB]
LibVT icon


LibVT is a production-ready library for implementing 'virtual texturing' in a 3D game or visualization system.

GitHub: LibVT Source Code
KeyPresser icon


An application that sends simulated repeated keypresses to an arbitrary application.

Download: KeyPresser Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [197 KB]
TimerMenu icon


An application that provides a switchable timer in the menubar, e.g. for counting work-time.

Download: TimerMenu Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [44 KB]
SelectionFlasher icon


An application that lets the current foreground text selection flash in different colors when a hotkey is pressed.

Download: SelectionFlasher Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [174 KB] Alternatives: None, but now Safari 3 has usable search-text highlighting built-in...
OmniExpose icon


An application that extends the Exposé feature to include applications that are currently hidden.

Download: OmniExpose Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [212 KB]
Leaker icon


An application for showing the number and size of the memory leaks in all running processes.

Download: Leaker Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [134 KB]
LayoutTest icon


Source code for verifying whether a large number of dynamic strings in numerous translations fit their text fields.

Download: LayoutTest Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.6+) [63 KB]
Updater icon


An application for developers that does incremental application-patching.

Download: Updater Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [156 KB]
Translator icon


An application for developers that can create localization string files for MainMenu.xib.

Download: Translator Binary & Source Code (10.7+) [1.5 MB]
STOCKings icon


An application to observe european stock markets right from the menubar.

Download: STOCKings Source Code (No executable binary since you can only use it legally if you have written permission from the data provider